Blogging: A Retrospective



Would you look at that, it’s been 4 weeks already! From the day I started this Blog, I knew it would be an interesting foray into the unknown for me, and I have been proven correct. I have enjoyed this experience and would encourage others to give it a shot. However there are a few questions that need answering.

1. Success? Or Snooze?

Success and Failure

Success and Failure

This all depends on what you call success. As this blog is written entirely to satisfy assessment requirements and gain me high marks for this assessment item, I would say that success would be determined by a high final result. Of course the measure of success is completely skewed in this case. In reality, success can be measured by anything really – it depends on what you want to get out of the blog yourself. Personally I do believe that, the more you put into it, the more you will get out, and that a blog shouldn’t be just a vent for you to let out steam or to voice your opinions with no concern for what others think. I believe it should be an open discussion platform for anyone who is interested to partake in and enjoy. It doesn’t matter what content you cover in a blog, it should just be something you are interested in and can enjoy writing about.

2. Keep on truckin’ ?

Keep on Truckin'

Keep on Truckin'

Personally, I don’t believe I will continue to blog, on this blog at least. As I mentioned previously, this particular blog is badly skewed towards an assessment model that has little to do with what I would wish to write about in reality. There is a significant potential for me to continue writing a separate blog in the future on topics I decide on, but this would of course depend on my University workload and various other factors. Previously I don’t believe I would have had this opinion, due to the fact that I had little interest, knowledge or motivation for blogging.

3. Biggest mountains to climb?



Number one would be the writing style. To write on such a public platform, as opposed to an essay to be handed to your lecturer or a letter to a family member, is a difficult thing to comprehend. Your words must be able to get your point across meaningfully, while at the same time catering to a wide audience. Of course, there are plenty of niche blogs out there that only cater to very specific topics or areas of knowledge – these are quite fine for people who are interested in those specific things. But to acquire and hold a relatively large audience, or even to garner any initial interest, your writing style must be very careful – trying to be as inclusive as possible, not using technical terms when avoidable and trying to relate the content back to people in an interesting, funny or meaningful form. Other than that, the only real other hurdle was the motivation factor – getting my ideas together in a sensible fashion and actually committing them to bits.

4. Fresh ideas?

Fresh IdeasFresh Ideas

Fresh Ideas

As I have previously mentioned, because this blog is designed to be assessable, we must of course adhere to the questions we are asked and address them accordingly in the posts. However, presenting the information in a unique and interesting way proved to be a challenge. It is quite easy to just write a boring report on research you have performed on a specific question or topic, but to make readers actually interested in what you are trying to tell them… well there is a completely different story. I have tried to do that as best I can, and I believe I have somewhat achieved it. 🙂

5. New perspectives?

New Perspectives

New Perspectives

This is the first ever proper blog I have created and written in – however I have created websites of my own and contributed to several other websites in the past. It does give you a different outlook on the entire process for sure. The typical first image of a blogger is an overweight, glasses-wearing kid sitting in his parents basement, glued to a computer screen. This is hardly the case in reality, as major companies all over the world have blogs that are contributed to by their staff and, of course, their readers. It is a fantastic and easy way to communicate ideas, thoughts, opinions and creations with the world at large, or just the sections of the world that you want to see it.  I wouldn’t call myself a blogger after this experience, but I am glad that I tried it, and look forward to potentially continuing this in the future.

Some huge blogs to check out: – A website about Gadget news and reviews, but in essence, it is still a blog

Building windows 8 blog – A blog run by Microsoft to keep consumers informed and aware of the changes in the development of the next version of Windows

Houston Chronicle Blogs – A set of blogs run by a major US newspaper: The Houston Chronicle


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